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Business Credit

Build your Business Credit Fast!

Quickest Business Funding in the Industry!

More Funding products then Anyone!

Business Funding System

  • 21 Core Funding Products Available
  • Access to over 2,100 lending sources
  • Access to Certified Business Credit & Funding Advisors
  • Free DUNS Number
  • Business Credibility Check to Insure Credit and Funding Approval
  • Easy step-by-step system to Build Excellent Business Credit
  • Access to Business Credit Cards Staples, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Costco, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, BP, MasterCard, Visa, other $10,000 Credit Cards in your Business Name, and more
  • Access to 2,100 Lending Source
  • One-Click Funding Applications
  • Access to Certified Business Credit & Funding Advisors
  • Free Experian Smart Business Credit Report
  • Access to Business Workbooks to Help Start a Business and Obtain Angel Investors Funding
  • Monitor Business Credit in Real Time
  • Access to SBA Loans, Credit Lines, Purchase Order and Account Receivable Funding, Revenue Lending, Merchant Like of Credit Inventory and Equipment Funding, 401k and Securities Funding, Property Rehab Hard Money and much more

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Connect BCS is always running great promotions that can help get you started. If your hesitating on what we can offer your business, please contact us today to schedule your one on one consultation. We strive to do absolutely everything we can to get your business the maximum funding possible. Our Certified Credit Coaches will work with you every step of the way. You can feel confident knowing that our Business Funding System comes with a $50,000 funding guarantee. If we are not able to get you at least $50,000 in combined funding we will work with you until you do.

Questions? Call us today for more information. 1-800-991-0236


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When the big banks tell you “I am sorry but we can’t help you” it can be frustrating and challenging especially when you’re trying to start or expand your business. Most business owners have no idea about Business Credit and how it can greatly help you secure credit and financing. But what if there was a way gain access to multiple lending solutions all in one place? imaging having access to unsecured loans that have nothing to do with your personal credit. Connect BCS proven Funding System will guide you every step of the way. With dedicated support and an easy to follow 6-step plan, getting turned down will be a thing of the past.


With over 2,100 lenders, you will not need to look anywhere else.


Who is qualified to build and have business credit? Every business can benefit greatly by establishing business credit to separate personal liabilities and have another avenue to secure.


Knowing when to apply it very important especially when building business credit. Connect BCS will show you when and how to apply.


So many business owner ask us how can they get approved. Connect BCS has setup Certified Business coaches and advisors to assist you on getting approved and building the credit you need.


Most businesses fail on the first and most crucial step which is being compliant. We will show you what you need to overcome this obstacle and become a company that banks want to lend to.


Running a business on your own cash or credit is a big mistake many business owners do. It is why building your business credit and securing credit separate from your personal credit is important.